WebDriver settings

The WebDriver can be configured by altering the ‘appsettings.json’ file. The ‘appsettings.json’ file can be found in the root of your WebDriver folder.

Following settings are available:

General settings

Setting Description Default
webDriverUrl The URL at which the WebDriver will be hosted. http://localhost:17894/” To allow external connections you can e.g. use “"
frontendEnabled A value indicating whether the front-end (including the Apps, Devices, Spy and Dashboard pages) is enabled. true This also disables the test results database.
AppData Gets the Quamotion app data folder. This folder is used to store settings. “App_Data”
commandTemplatesPath The path to the custom templates file. This file contains command templates used to customize the spy –>code generator “App_Data/commands.json”


Setting Description Default
loggingEnabled Enables or disables logging. true
logLevel The minimum required event level. Supported values: LogAlways, Critical, Error, Warning, Informational, Verbose Informational
logDirectory The path to the directory in which the log files are stored. “log”
logMaxFileCount The maximum number of log files to keep. 10
tracingEnabled A value indicating whether request tracing is enabled. true

Automation settings

Setting Description Default
googleGeoApiKey the API key to enable the google API (e.g. allow google maps) null
developerDiskDir the folder where the iOS developer disks are installed. “App_Data/devimg”
developerProfilePath The path to the developer profile to use when signing iOS applications. “App_Data/quamotion.developerprofile”
developerProfilePassword The password of the developer profile to use when signing iOS applications. “quamotion”

Docker support

Setting Description Default
disableDeviceDaemons a value indicating whether the WebDriver is prevented from launching the device daemons, and should connect to the device daemons over TCP only. false
adbHost The name of the host running adb. “”
usbMuxerHost The name of the host running usbmuxd “”


Setting Description Default
xcuiTestPlanTimeout The timeout of a Xcode UI Test test plan to start on an iOS device, in seconds. 40
deviceConnectTimeout The amount of time, in seconds, to wait for a device to connect to the PC (usually after a reboot). 180
deviceDisconnectTimeout The amount of time, in seconds, to wait for a device to disconnect from the PC (usually after a reboot has been triggered). 60

ScreenshotFeed / Remote control

Setting Description Default
vncServerEnabled A value indicating whether the VNC server should be enabled. false
vncServerPort Gets the port at which the VNC server should listen. This value only takes effect when vncServerEnabled is set to true 5900
iOSScreenshotFeed The screenshot feed to use for iOS. Supported values: “wda”, “screenshotr” “wda”

Database (do not modify)

Setting Description Default
databaseProvider sqlite
Setting Description Default
serviceName WebDriver
serviceDisplayName Quamotion WebDriver Service
serviceStartupType Manual