XCUITest runner

Running Xcode UI Tests from Windows and Linux-based PCs

Quamotion provides software which allows you to run Xcode UI Tests from Windows and Linux-based PCs. Quamotion provides you with xcuitrunner, a stand-alone command-line utility.


Before you can use Quamotion xcuitrunner, you need to make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have an iOS Developer Profile which allows you to sign iOS applications and run iOS applications signed with your developer certificate on your devices.
  • You have a copy of the relevant Developer Disk images on your local pc
    1. On a Mac machine, make sure the latest version of XCode is installed
    2. Navigate to the /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport folder and create a zip archive that contains the contents of this folder.
    3. Copy this zip archive to your PC.

Depending on your operating system (linux or windows) you need also the following:


You have installed iTunes


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:quamotion/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y libusbmuxd-tools libplist-dev libusbmuxd-dev libimobiledevice-dev usbmuxd

Using the Quamotion xcuitrunner

To use the Quamotion xcuitrunner, run the following command:

--udid <udid>
--developerProfile <path to your developer profile>
--developerProfilePassword <password for your developer profile>
--developerDiskDir <path to your developer disk folder>
--license <path your Quamotion license file>

The available options are:

Short Name Long Name Value
-u –udid The UDID of the device on which to run the Xcode UI Test. You can omit this parameter if exactly one iOS device is connected to your computer.
-d –developerProfile The path to your iOS Developer Profile.
-p –developerProfilePassword The password for your developer profile.
-s –keepSignature Keep the current signature on the Xcode UI Test bundle. Do not resign the test bundle.
-l –license The path to the Quamotion license file
-k –developerDiskDir The path to a folder which contains the iOS developer disks
-t –testBundle The path to the test bundle containing your Xcode UI Tests. This must be an .ipa file. Launches Facebook WebDriverAgent if not specified.
-v –verbose Enables diagnostic logging to a log file.


You can download the XCUITest runner for the following platforms:

For more information about the Quamotion xcuitrunner command-line utility, contact us at info@quamotion.mobi.