iOS CodeSigning

CodeSigning of iOS applications on Windows & Linux

Quamotion provides a codesign command-line utility which allows you to code sign iOS applications on PCs running Windows or Linux.


To sign iOS applications using the Quamotion codesign command-line utility, you need:

  • A PC running Linux or Windows
  • You have an iOS Developer Profile which allows you to sign iOS applications and run iOS applications signed with your developer certificate on your devices.

Using the Quamotion codesign utility

To use the Quamotion codesign utility, run the following command:

--ipa <ipa>
--developerProfile <path to your developer profile>
--developerProfilePassword <password for your developer profile>
--license <path your Quamotion license file>


  • ipa is iOS application bundle you want to sign,
  • developerProfile is the path to the Developer Profile you want to use to sign your application,
  • developerProfilePassword is the password for your developer profile
  • license is the path to your Quamotion license file.

For more information about the Quamotion codesign command-line utility, contact us at