iOS Automation

Quamotion provides various utilities which you can use to automate iOS devices using a standard Windows, Linux or macOS machine.

  • With Xcode UI Test Runner, you can run Xcode UI Tests, such as Appium’s WebDriverAgent, on iOS devices, using a Windows or Linux machine. xcuitrunner can integrate with Appium, enabling you to run Appium’s tests on real, physical iOS devices using a Linux machine.
  • Using Code Signing you can resign iOS applications (.ipa files) using a Windows or Linux PC.
  • Quamotion also provides a general-purpose API for interacting with iOS Instruments, which you can use to interact with iOS devices and install and launch applications, capture device statistics and more.
  • Software companies wishing to extend their existing products can use our SDK to add iOS capabilities.

Getting Started

Try Xcode UI Test Runner on Windows or Linux!


The magic which makes UI Testing work on iOS devices




Reference documentation

Instruments Client

SDK for iOS Devices

WebDriverAgent vs Appium

Xcode UI Test Runner and Code Signing

Xcode UI Test Runner in VMs

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