See the release notes for more information about what’s included in each release.

See the documentation for each Quamotion product for detailed installation steps.

Individual installers

Windows (x64) Linux (x64) Linux (ARM 64) macOS
xcuitrunner zip deb, rpm, tar.gz deb, rpm, tar.gz tar.gz
codesign zip deb, rpm, tar.gz tar.gz
iosreset zip deb, rpm, tar.gz tar.gz
imobileconfig zip deb, rpm, tar.gz tar.gz
WebDriver zip deb, rpm, tar.gz tar.gz
libimobiledevice zip zip

Docker Images

If you want to test iOS applications on Linux using Appium, you can use the quamotion/appium-docker-ios Docker image.

libimobiledevice Package Manager

You can install recent version of libimobiledevice for Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux via our package repositories:

Last modified October 27, 2020: Release version 1.0 (c1e9899)